Posted March 30th 2017

“Togetherness” is a theme that I hope to explore this year through some of my photography projects and assignments.

These two beautiful baby girls gave me the best possible start when I was invited to their home in January to take some pictures. As twins, they already have a special kind of togetherness that will last their whole lives. It was lovely to see them so early in their great adventure.

Last week-end, the theme continued with an amazing photoshoot with a married couple. Through a series of artistic shot designs, we explored different aspects of their lives together, creating images that represent the strength they draw from their partnership. It was an inspiring experience and I look forward to reviewing and fine-tuning the shots.

I find it heart-warming to see the power and beauty of togetherness, and to be reminded of the remarkable bond that can exist between two people. This is something that I want to capture in my photography in 2017.

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4 thoughts on “Togetherness

  1. I think togetherness is a wonderful and inspiring theme. I am looking forward to seeing the photos of the couple. Its one thing to do a portrait, but another to try and capture two portraits and the relationship between them. It would be interesting to do the same with an elderly couple too. Then there’s brothers and sisters – probably needs to be at an age before they are self-conscious.

    1. Yes. Every couple or group of companions will put a different face on togetherness. I would very much like to take some portraits of an elderly couple, as sometimes their togetherness can be deeply-rooted and yet present itself quite subtly on the outside.

  2. Touching photo Jim. Your piece reminds me we are social creatures who draw great strength and comfort from togetherness and connections with others.

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