A Private Practice

Posted October 27th 2017

Although a ballet performance often features a large cast of dancers, colourful costumes, and dramatic music, the scenes that capture my imagination most are those where a solitary dancer or small group is isolated in the spotlight. No distractions. No fanfare. Just the form, movement, and expression of the dancers bringing the story to life. Sometimes the drama and passion can be felt most strongly in these moments. Continue reading “A Private Practice”

Dance Photo Takes Runner-up Spot in “Best in Show” Vote

Posted August 24th 2017

Earlier this week, I was delighted to find out that one of my dance pictures had finished second in a “Best in Show” public vote at the recent Shutter Hub Open Exhibition in Edinburgh.

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“Together” – The Story Behind The Image

Posted July 27th 2017

When I arrived to photograph the dress rehearsal for the Cambridge University Ballet Club production of Giselle, there was a slight sense of unease in the auditorium. Something wasn’t quite right. But it wasn’t until someone pointed it out, that I realised there was no backdrop behind the stage. There was just a large metal gantry and an ugly brick wall; not an ideal background for a ballet set in a forest. There had been a mix-up. Instead of receiving the beautiful woodland scene backdrop that they had ordered, the ballet club had been sent one with a picture of a ship on it!

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Raising the Roof

Posted June 23rd 2017

It was a Friday evening, quite late, when I received a slightly desperate message from the producer of “Raising the Roof” (a musical gala), asking whether I could possibly photograph their dress rehearsal the following morning. Having enjoyed covering two dance rehearsals in the preceding weeks, I didn’t have to think too hard before agreeing. And so I got up early the next day and headed over to the ADC Theatre to meet the Cambridge University Musical Theatre Society, not knowing quite what to expect. Continue reading “Raising the Roof”

From Stage to Studio

Posted May 25th 2017

Over the last year, my photography has taken me into the world of the performing arts and, in particular, dance. It has been an enjoyable and insightful experience that has given me the chance to meet many talented people and take on new challenges during promotional shoots, show rehearsals, and individual portrait sessions. Continue reading “From Stage to Studio”

“Reflections” – Part 2: Arrival

Posted April 27th 2017

“Reflections” is a series of images that explore the subject of identity. I am presenting the collection in two parts. Part 1 looked at some of the questions surrounding the search for an image. In this second part, “Arrival”, past struggles are left behind as a true identity and character begin to emerge. This project was my second collaboration with friend and photographer Vilija, following on from the CB1 “Genesis” Photoshoot.

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“Moments of Tranquillity” – Solo Exhibition at Signorelli’s

Posted April 23rd 2017

I am delighted to announce an exhibition of my photography at Signorelli’s Deli in Burleigh Street, Cambridge. “Moments of Tranquillity” is a collection of black and white images that show the beauty of Cambridge through a series of peaceful parkland, riverside, and backstreet scenes.

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Posted March 30th 2017

“Togetherness” is a theme that I hope to explore this year through some of my photography projects and assignments.

These two beautiful baby girls gave me the best possible start when I was invited to their home in January to take some pictures. As twins, they already have a special kind of togetherness that will last their whole lives. It was lovely to see them so early in their great adventure. Continue reading “Togetherness”

“Cambridge – A Different View” – Solo Exhibition from March 21st

Posted March 19th 2017

On Tuesday, I will be opening a solo exhibition of my photography at Hot Numbers Coffee Bar in Gwydir Street, Cambridge. Entitled “Cambridge – A Different View”, the exhibition will feature a collection of images that show our beautiful city from the viewpoint of a local resident. I will also be showing a few examples of my other work, including a small selection of portraits. Continue reading ““Cambridge – A Different View” – Solo Exhibition from March 21st”

“Reflections” – Part 1: The Search

Posted March 6th 2017

“Reflections” is a series of images that explore the subject of identity. This project was my second collaboration with friend and photographer Vilija, and I will present it in two parts: “The Search” and “Arrival”. This article features the first part – a collection of fashion-themed pictures that touch on the questions that sometimes surround the search for image and identity. Continue reading ““Reflections” – Part 1: The Search”

Behind the Scenes in Fair Verona

Posted January 11th 2017

In an earlier blog post, I showed some pictures from a publicity shoot with the Cambridge University Ballet Club, who were preparing for their production of Romeo and Juliet. I described it as my first small step into the world of dance photography.

The second step was soon to follow when I was invited to take some photos for the club’s website during one of their rehearsals at Cambridge’s West Road Concert Hall. It was amazing to see how much progress had been made, considering that the performance had not even been fully choreographed when I had last met the dancers, less than a month earlier. Continue reading “Behind the Scenes in Fair Verona”

“Hot Numbers Bicycle” – The Story Behind the Image

Posted December 18th 2016

Some interesting and beautiful images are made in difficult or extraordinary circumstances. This can be part of what makes them special. Think of pictures set in remote places, or taken in inhospitable climates or terrain, or shot at inconvenient times of day. Think of the Northern Lights, or a David Attenborough documentary!

Well, there are two quite unusual things about this picture I took in Gwydir Street, near Mill Road. Firstly, there was snow in Cambridge. Secondly, I was up at 5am on a very cold morning and outside with my camera! This may not sound like a pioneering adventure, but I felt like a polar explorer. Continue reading ““Hot Numbers Bicycle” – The Story Behind the Image”

Mill Road Winter Fair

Posted December 9th 2016

As December approaches, performers, artists, and traders in Cambridge prepare for the Mill Road Winter Fair. Now in its twelfth year, the event spreads over most of the one mile length of Mill Road in the heart of CB1. The fair attracts over 10,000 visitors and offers a wide range of performances, exhibits, activities, and refreshments, reflecting the diversity and culture of the local community. Continue reading “Mill Road Winter Fair”

CB1 “Genesis” Photoshoot – Revisited

Posted October 28th 2016

In an earlier blog post, I told the story of the CB1 “Genesis” Photoshoot, my first collaboration with friend and photographer Vilija. I described how it left us with a “treasure trove of images”, spanning a variety of looks, styles, and influences.

A few weeks after a photoshoot, following an initial round of editing, I sometimes like to go back for another look at the original set of images. More often than not, there are a few hidden gems that I missed the first time round – images that offer creative possibilities that were not obvious during the first review. Sometimes these have the potential, with care and attention, to outshine some of the images that had originally sparkled the brightest. Continue reading “CB1 “Genesis” Photoshoot – Revisited”

A Break in the Waves

Posted October 6th 2016

What is it about the sea that we find so mesmerising? Why is it that we can sit on a cliff-top bench and stare for ages at this vast expanse of gently-undulating water, or watch from a parked car alongside other spectators, like a transfixed audience at a drive-in movie? Even when the sky turns grey and the sea seems to follow suit, we can be hypnotised into a deep, thoughtful, trance.

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Preparing for the Dance

Posted September 6th 2016

Earlier this year, I joined friend and fellow photographer Tom on a publicity shoot for the Cambridge University Ballet Club. The dancers were preparing for their upcoming production of Romeo and Juliet, and had asked for portraits for the programme and group pictures for promotional material. Tom had worked with the ballet club before, but for me this was a first small step into the world of dance photography.

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Cambridge 105 Interview Highlights

Posted 16th August 2016

Set in the heart of CB1, Cambridge 105 is a thriving radio station whose programming reflects the spirit and diversity of the community that it serves. On July 31st, I had the pleasure of visiting their studios to discuss the launch of the CB1 Photography website.

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“The Painter” – The Story Behind the Image

Posted August 6th 2016

One of the things I love about a still image is the way that it can tell a story, but still leave room for the viewer’s imagination. Like with a good novel, everyone will interpret and extrapolate the story in their own way.

However, it is sometimes interesting to be told some background information about the image. This may enrich the viewer’s interpretation of the picture. Or it may simply provide an interesting or amusing anecdote about how the picture came about.

In this posting, I take a look at the story behind “The Painter”.

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CB1 on Breakfast Radio – Sunday July 31st

Posted July 30th 2016

This Sunday at 10.35am, I will be talking about my photography on Cambridge 105 radio.

For many years I was a local radio presenter myself, and have had the pleasure of interviewing several Cambridge residents and personalities. This time the tables will be turned, however, as I will be on the receiving end of questions from the Sunday Breakfast Show presenter, Phil Rowe.

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CB1 “Genesis” Photoshoot

Posted June 29th 2016

I had been on a few photoshoots with my friend Vilija before, always both as photographers. However, I knew that she was also comfortable in front of the camera and thought she would make a wonderful subject for my close-up portraiture. So I was very pleased when Vilija agreed to be my model for the day!

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The Bus That Went to Hamburg

Posted June 29th 2016

When I entered an international photography competition organised by CEWE Photoworld, I wasn’t expecting it to lead anywhere. So it was a huge surprise to find out, a few months later, that one of my photos had made it into the top 50 out of more than 94,000 entries!

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CB1 Photography Goes Live!

Posted June 29th 2016

I am delighted to announce the launch of the CB1 Photography web site!

My decision to boldly step into the 21st century was mainly a response to increasingly regular requests to give out my web details – something that I couldn’t do until now! But, having put the site together, I realise that it will also help me to better organise, plan, and develop my photography, and hopefully to produce pictures worthy of your time and attention.

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