CB1 “Genesis” Photoshoot – Revisited

Posted October 28th 2016

In an earlier blog post, I told the story of the CB1 “Genesis” Photoshoot, my first collaboration with friend and photographer Vilija. I described how it left us with a “treasure trove of images”, spanning a variety of looks, styles, and influences.

A few weeks after a photoshoot, following an initial round of editing, I sometimes like to go back for another look at the original set of images. More often than not, there are a few hidden gems that I missed the first time round – images that offer creative possibilities that were not obvious during the first review. Sometimes these have the potential, with care and attention, to outshine some of the images that had originally sparkled the brightest.

Most of the portraits in this article came from a second visit to the “Genesis” collection. As you will see, I gave in to my love of black and white. It was a difficult decision to turn my back on the striking colours that can be seen in my earlier post, but I think that black and white gives these images an artistic quality.

In many ways, this photoshoot was the genesis of CB1 Photography. It led to new opportunities and further collaborations. And it brought friendship, support, and encouragement. This gave me the confidence and inspiration to take on fresh challenges and talk about my photography.

A year on, these images of Vilija still take pride of place in my portrait collection.

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6 thoughts on “CB1 “Genesis” Photoshoot – Revisited

  1. I like the cover photo with the double image – the magnified double behind accentuates the eye and mouth with dramatic effect. I have not seen that before – is that a technique you developed or picked up from elsewhere? I agree that the black and white makes the photos more ‘artistic’. Of the 4 portraits, the second is my favourite – it feels warm and natural. I am sure there was a lot of work went into the lighting. Very enjoyable – Keep them coming… Jim

    1. Thanks for your comments and questions!

      I look at hundreds of images every day, and this sometimes gives me ideas for new things to try out. The double image design was inspired by something similar that I saw one day in a photo. It felt like a good way to further accentuate the amazing expression in the eyes.

      I like the look in the second of the four portraits too – assured and natural. Vilija and I explored quite a range of expressions and styles during this photoshoot. It was a great way to get to know each other as photographer and model.

  2. These are lovely images, Jim, and, taken from so very close up, they give us a view of a person’s face which, curiously, we actually very rarely get to see. The eyes, for instance, look so different in each of the images – and this is simply because we get to see properly exactly how the light catches them. You get a real sense of the shape and contours and textures of the face too. The light and shadows, as it were, sculpt the contours and features of the face. And, following on from that, it is then fascinating to observe how the changes in the sitter’s apparent mood and state of mind in each of the images are associated with precise, observable changes in the shapes and configurations of the facial features.

    1. Interesting observations, Neil. The direction and quality of the light and the angle of the shot certainly make a big difference to the mood of an image, as well as the pose and expression. Along with the variety of locations and skill of the model, these factors contributed to a wide variety of shots and stories in the CB1 Genesis Photoshoot. Thanks so much for your interesting thoughts.

  3. I really like the black & white, and agree it has a more artistic feel. There is something about portraits that is more essential without the distraction of color. The eyes seem to come into focus even more strongly, which are the most important feature. The photos engage as I look into the eyes through my own… and in some strange way we gaze at each other, in a way we couldn’t if it was the real person, and yet with a good photo, it feels real… not sure if this makes any sense. I enjoyed them, the main thing. Keep them coming.

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