The Bus That Went to Hamburg

Posted June 29th 2016

When I entered an international photography competition organised by CEWE Photoworld, I wasn’t expecting it to lead anywhere. So it was a huge surprise to find out, a few months later, that one of my photos had made it into the top 50 out of more than 94,000 entries!

The photograph was subsequently displayed at an exhibition of the winning entries, held at the Haus der Photographie at Hamburg’s Deichtorhallen. I didn’t make the trip to Germany, but I feel privileged to have had one of my pictures shown at such a grand venue.

I took the photo, entitled “Bus on Tower Bridge” during a night photography trip in London with my nephew, Sam. If I had known that it would get any attention, I would have given the picture a more imaginative name!

There is sometimes an element of luck in photography, as well as skill, and I was fortunate that a red bus passed by at just the right speed. I think it really makes this image stand out.

I don’t treat photography as a competitive pursuit, and I only occasionally enter pictures into competitions. However, I find that a challenge can help to focus my photography and encourage me to produce interesting images. I will continue to enter the occasional competition, but more as a motivational exercise than in hope of winning prizes!

You can read the CEWE Photoworld blog about the top UK entries in the 2015 “Our World Is Beautiful” competition here.

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