CB1 Photography Goes Live!

Posted June 29th 2016

I am delighted to announce the launch of the CB1 Photography web site!

My decision to boldly step into the 21st century was mainly a response to increasingly regular requests to give out my web details – something that I couldn’t do until now! But, having put the site together, I realise that it will also help me to better organise, plan, and develop my photography, and hopefully to produce pictures worthy of your time and attention.

The web site name is a reference to the CB1 postcode area of Cambridge – a vibrant and diverse community, and my home for many years. My thanks go to the local artists, friends, and family who have inspired, supported, and encouraged my passion for photography.

If you enjoy your visit to this site and would like to be informed of new blog postings, please “follow” this site using the button in the corner of the screen (PC’s and tablets) or the form at the bottom of this page (mobile devices).

Thank you for reading.

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