“Reflections” – Part 2: Arrival

Posted April 27th 2017

“Reflections” is a series of images that explore the subject of identity. I am presenting the collection in two parts. Part 1 looked at some of the questions surrounding the search for an image. In this second part, “Arrival”, past struggles are left behind as a true identity and character begin to emerge. This project was my second collaboration with friend and photographer Vilija, following on from the CB1 “Genesis” Photoshoot.

*               *               *

The instinctive need to define ourselves can sometimes lead to inner struggles as we journey through life. Ambitions, expectations, hopes, and fears create turbulence, throwing us one way then another as we try to find our place and win the respect and approval of others.

But in time we reach calmer waters, start to relax, and take time to reflect on who we really are. Our true identity begins to emerge and the way forward becomes clearer and simpler. The strength and integrity of our genuine selves shines through and radiates a pure, unique, and warm light.

reflections part 2 007“Past Struggles”

reflections part 2 001“Yesterday”

reflections part 2 004“Into the Light”

reflections part 2 003“Arrival”

reflections part 2 006“Reflection”

Model and styling – Vilija from http://www.wonderlandbackstage.com.

*               *               *

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2 thoughts on ““Reflections” – Part 2: Arrival

  1. What I like about this site is the descriptive text as much as the images. Reflections is an interesting theme and I enjoy the progression. I find the cover photo very striking. ‘Into the Light’ is eerie – how did you create that? ‘Arrival’ has a contrasting tranquillity to the emotion of the previous images.

    Enjoying your site as always.

    1. I think words, when carefully used, can add something to a picture – acting like a catalyst to gently suggest a line of thinking to the viewer. Of course, even with words, the picture will be received differently by everyone who looks at it and each person will build their own story around it. That is one of the beauties of art.

      “Into the Light” is the combination of two images. The first comes from the studio shoot with Vilija (the hands and face) and the second was taken a few days later (canvas stretched over someone else’s face). I created several variants with different tones and materials (and one with a picture frame round it), but I thought this shot was best at conveying a feeling of emerging from a fog into the light.

      Thanks for your thoughts!

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