“Moments of Tranquillity” – Solo Exhibition at Signorelli’s

Posted April 23rd 2017

I am delighted to announce an exhibition of my photography at Signorelli’s Deli in Burleigh Street, Cambridge. “Moments of Tranquillity” is a collection of black and white images that show the beauty of Cambridge through a series of peaceful parkland, riverside, and backstreet scenes.

Cambridge is a busy, bustling, vibrant city. Tourists flock all year round, and businesses continue to be attracted to this famous seat of learning. For some people, however, it is also home and a community. As a resident, the time when I feel most connected with Cambridge is in the quieter moments, often early in the morning, when the city is free of congestion and able to show its true character and elegance. This is when you might see a kingfisher or heron reclaiming its favourite riverside spot, or a lone punt gliding peacefully by the back of the colleges. The Cambridge parkland becomes the domain of joggers, dog-walkers, and people making their way to work. And it feels like the only person taking photos is me!

I hope you have the chance to visit the exhibition at Signorelli’s. The pictures will be on display for a month or so. The excellent coffee, Italian cuisine, and handcrafted patisserie will hopefully be available for many years to come!

04 - signorellis cb1photography apr2017CB1 Photography at Signorelli’s

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