“Reflections” – Part 1: The Search

Posted March 6th 2017

“Reflections” is a series of images that explore the subject of identity. This project was my second collaboration with friend and photographer Vilija, and I will present it in two parts: “The Search” and “Arrival”. This article features the first part – a collection of fashion-themed pictures that touch on the questions that sometimes surround the search for image and identity.

*               *               *

The ever-changing influences of society can leave people in a spin as they struggle to establish who they are and how to present themselves; always tracking the latest trends, fashions, and accessories that come with them. Which way should they turn? Which trend should they follow? How can they fit in and yet stand out?

Does their external image express their true identity or just hide it behind a facade created by the desire to conform and belong? This outward-looking search can leave the unique person inside them struggling to be seen and heard in the confusion.

“You’ve spent a year staring into a mirror
  Another one trying to figure out what you saw
  Paid so much attention to what you’re not
  You have no idea who you are”

  from “Heaven Knows”
by Klara and Johanna Söderberg

reflections 01“Searching”

reflections-06“Mirror Image”


“Lost in Fashion”

reflections 04“Another Me”

“Time of Reflection”

Model and styling – Vilija from http://www.wonderlandbackstage.com.

*               *               *

The second part of “Reflections” will be posted in April.

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