Cambridge 105 Interview Highlights

Posted 16th August 2016

Set in the heart of CB1, Cambridge 105 is a thriving radio station whose programming reflects the spirit and diversity of the community that it serves. On July 31st, I had the pleasure of visiting their studios to discuss the launch of the CB1 Photography website.

Harking back to my own radio days, host Phil Rowe introduced me to Sunday morning listeners as a “broadcaster of some notoriety”. I am not sure what I did to earn that reputation, but it made me smile!

Phil began the interview by asking me about my interest in photography as a young boy, taking photos with an old box camera and developing prints with my dad in a makeshift darkroom. We then went on to discuss the advantages of digital photography and, in particular, how I use editing software to enhance and add impact to fashion shots and other artistic compositions.

I also talked about my passion for portraiture, why I find it so appealing, and how I have taken a slightly unconventional approach to photographing Cambridge.

By the time we had finished the interview, fifteen minutes had shot past. I could have talked all morning.

I would like to thank Phil and his producer Michelle for their invitation, hospitality, and support. Good luck to everyone at Cambridge 105!

To hear excerpts from the broadcast, please click the “Play” arrow or “Listen in Browser” below (running time 3:54 mins).


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2 thoughts on “Cambridge 105 Interview Highlights

  1. What a frank and entertaining interview. Sounded very natural – with you on the other side of the microphone this time. I like the photo of Frank the decorator, and the amusing story.

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